A good snapshot stops a moment from running away. ~Eudora Welty

Monday, June 2, 2014

I'm determined to be back!

So I'm not even going to say anything other than I just haven't made pictures/Project 365/this blog a priority. No excuses, no reasons, just simplicity. I'm hoping to change that. Now it might get a little difficult next month--because guess what, we're PCSing again. Why I want to take on a daily project that requires some kind of internet access (and is kinda difficult to do from my phone, to boot) when I'm going to be wi-fi less in a month? Because I'm weird and stubborn like that. And I really like the Photo A Day list for June from Fat Mum Slim. I consider June "my" month, since it's my birthday month and some of the prompts coincide with special days, so even though I haven't been good about doing it earlier this year, I'm going for it this month. I already fell behind and had to catch-up yesterdays today, but I'm determined! I'm "cheating" a bit by just using the pictures that I'm posting to Instagram, but I might include a couple more here and there depending on the day & prompt. So to kick it off, here's Day 1 & 2.

"Joy" Siblings sharing and finding joy in flower petals

"Doing" I'm getting everything together for our big move, birth certificates, marriage certificate, and passports (well, Lil Man still needs one) are in the travel binder now!

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