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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 56

March 4, 2011
*Note: I didn't take these pictures--I pulled them off of Ivan Smith Furniture's website because I forgot my camera*
Our new couch!! The one we have has broken down really fast and we've been unhappy with it for a while. We got some GREAT deals on all of this!

Our new chest of drawers. We actually ordered two, his and hers. No more fighting over who gets drawers, who has more, who needs more, etc. I'm excited to see how much closet space this frees up!!

And the whole reason we went furniture shopping: A new bookcase. We need one SO badly. The one we had got broken in the move. For the longest time our books lived in the boxes they moved in...then I moved them to the laundry room/pantry storage shelving. I can't wait to get all of that freed up for it's actual purpose again!!!
I am SO excited to get our new furniture and get the living room rearranged!!! You know there will be pictures of the finished product--delivery is scheduled for March 16th!

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