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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 53

March 1, 2011

Our naked backyard. They took out the playground equipment that was there. The only set of baby swings that I could find on post. There are toddler swings (similar to baby swings, but instead of going all the way around, there's just a chain in front to keep them from falling out--I don't really understand how they work) and regular swings everywhere--but now Munchkin can't swing. We're very sad. It was getting old and needed repairs/upkeep, so they just tore it all down instead.

Munchkin being whiny..but still cute! I cannot believe her hair...it has gotten SO long!

We met Mark at Fatboy & Skinny's for dinner since he had to work overnight. It happened to be their 1st birthday, so they had free cake and ice cream! I got the cake, Mark and Munchkin shared the ice cream! (No, she didn't really get ALL that ice cream!!)

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